Phil Scott Wants to Bring For-Profit Prisons to Vermont


Call Phil Scott and tell him that the private prison industry does not belong in Vermont!

How did Governor Phil Scott honor Martin Luther King day? He announced plans for a multi-million dollar, private prison. This would be Vermont’s first ever for-profit prison and the private prison industry is chomping at the bit.

Contact Info:
Phone: 802 828-3333
TTY: 800 649-6825
Fax: 802 828-3339

Suggested Script:
My name is [your name] and I am calling from [your town and zip code]. I want Governor Scott to know that that I oppose his plan to privatize our state prisons. Private, for-profit prisons will not benefit our communities, and will only enrich those who seek to profit off of human bondage. Vermont has an opportunity to be at the forefront of the national call for prison reform, and I would like Governor Scott to seek other alternatives to reducing prison costs and the number of people incarcerated by the state. Any move toward bringing the corrupt private prison industry to our State will cost you my vote.

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