Action: Fight for Vermont’s Healthcare

Please see this ACTION related to a recent budget proposal from Gov. Phil Scott:
Despite promising in his Governing Platform, that he “will protect Vermont’s most vulnerable citizens,” Gov. Scott recently proposed to cut a benefit called “the Vermont Cost Sharing Reduction.” This program subsidizes Vermonters with incomes of 200-400% of the Federal Poverty Level, approximately $24-36,000. Under this proposal, out-of-pocket deductible payments and co-pays can double, triple, or quadruple. 
If you only have the time to make one call, please call YOUR local representative and urge them to strongly condemn this mean-spirited attack on our neighbors and friends. 
And if you can spare another 5 minutes, please call Gov. Scott’s officeLet them know how opposed you are to this proposal.

For your legislator

Call 1-800-322-5616Click this link to find your legislator.

Brattleboro District Representatives

Windham 2-1 Representative Valeria A. Stuart
Windham 2-2 Representative Mollie S. Burke
Windham 2-3 Representative Tristen Toleno

“Thank you so much for standing up for Vermonters’ health care! I am hoping you will publicly oppose the Governor’s recent proposal to cut the Cost Sharing Reduction Benefit which would radically boost out-of-pocket health insurance costs to low and moderate income Vermonters. Can I count on you to do this?”


For Gov. Scott’s office

Call  802 828-3333TTY: 800 649-6825. 

Ask the person answering to connect you to a staff person.​

“ Despite the governor’s solemn promise to protect the most vulnerable Vermonters, his recent proposal to end the Cost Sharing Reduction Benefit, does just the opposite: it puts health care out of reach, doubling and sometimes even quadrupling, out-of-pocket costs. I expect the governor to cancel this proposal and I would like a call back, confirming that he will drop this mean-spirited idea.”

Thank you for your efforts in resisting this detrimental proposal,

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