Gun Legislation Update — Further Action

Congratulations to all who called on the Harrison Amendment yesterday! The amendment was withdrawn.

I want to update you on Gun Legislation. There is a lot of information floating around Facebook and elsewhere about the need to call about senate and house gun reform bills. I have been sleuthing for more details and here is the information coming from the statehouse:

The governor’s office is keeping track of calls. If you have already called the governor’s office, pat yourself on the back. You do not need to call more than once.

If you have NOT called the governor’s office, PLEASE do so. Please see call information and script below.

As of this morning, things look good and calls are in favor of gun reform. However, we can not afford to be lackadaisical.

ENCOURAGE YOUR VERMONT FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO CALL and feel free to forward this information:

Call Governor Scott at 802-828-3333 and leave a message telling him you want common sense gun reform.

Suggested call script : Hello. This is [name] calling from [city/town]. I am calling to tell Governor Scott that to support Senate Bill 221 , gun confiscation from dangerous persons, the amendment to Senate Bill 55, universal background checks, and House Bill 422 , gun removal  from the scene of domestic assaults. I expect Gov. Scott to take action to ensure the safety of Vermonters and sign these bills into law.

Regarding our state legislators, we have strong support for these legislative bills from our Bratttleboro area reps. If things start swaying unfavorably at the statehouse, we will be notified and coordinate an action then.

My sincere thanks to all of you who are acting to ensure the safety of Vermonters,

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