Action Needed: Tell Governor Scott Education Experience Matters

Tell Gov. Scott the DeVos Model of Education Isn't forVermont (1)Governor Scott is at it again. He’s threatening to “right size” the Vermont education system. Make no mistake, by right size he means to decrease funding and resources.
This week, after the current education secretary resigned, Governor Scott announced that the next Vermont Education Secretary DOES NOT NEED EXPERIENCE IN EDUCATION!!!! Sorry, for the bold print and all-caps but the brazenness of this is shocking. Basically, this plan mimics the national model, where someone like Betsy Devos will have the power to make critical decisions for our students. See the VT Digger article here.
Governor Scott is trying to sell the idea that a strict business model for Vermont’s schools will solve state budget issues and attract people to the state. We cannot overstate how ludicrous this all is.
If you would like more information see below. Meanwhile PLEASE take the following actions:
1. Call Governor Scott and tell him that Vermont students deserve education experts determining their future.
Call 802-828-3333 and ask to speak with an Education Staffer
Suggested script:
This is [name] calling from [town]. I am calling in response to Gov. Scott’s proposal that the next Vermont Education Secretary does not need education expertise. This is an appalling proposition that threatens the well-being of our students. Vermont statute states that the education secretary must be an expert in education. Moving to a business model ignores the complicated problems facing our schools including poverty and consequences of the opioid crisis. Any attempt to ignore the knowledge of educators with do harm to students and the state of Vermont for generations. Vermont’s next Education Secretary must have education expertise and familiarity with the many problems facing Vermont’s public schools.
2. Tell the Vermont Board of Education to nominate qualified candidates to the position of Secretary of Education
  • Also include Gov Scott in all communication with the Vermont Board of Education. You can cut and paste your message to the Board of Education here with a brief sentence stating that this is your message to the Vermont Board of Education.
  • Suggested email script:
Dear Vermont Board of Education,
I am a resident of [town]. I am writing to request that all suggested candidates for Vermont Secretary of Education are qualified in education, as stated in statute Title 3, Chapter 27,  2702, Secretary of Education. Vermont schools are at a critical juncture and facing complex issues, including growing poverty and the opioid crisis. Only a person with an understanding of these complexities and their impact on education should oversea Vermont’s public schools. Any effort to reduce school oversight to a strict business model will harm our students and our communities. 
Thank you for honoring this request and ensuring quality education for Vermont’s students. 
​If you have a personal story to emphasize the importance of education in our communities, also share this in your email.
3. Tell your friends and spread the message.
Share this information on social media. Check out our public Facebook page for a shareable post – coming soon!
Thank you Indivisibles. You are the best!

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