Action: Ask Leahy to Demand a Russia Investigation


Vermonters, we have a chance to make an impact on the Russia investigation. How? Demand that the Democratic members of the Senate Judicial Committee formally request that the Justice Department investigate Devin Nunes for potential obstruction of Justice in the Russia investigation. (Thanks to Santa Cruz Indivisible for doing the leg work on this, and reaching out!)

Call: Patrick Leahy (202) 224-4242 Continue reading “Action: Ask Leahy to Demand a Russia Investigation”

Lt. Gov. Zuckerman’s Guide to Political Activism

The Indivisible Guide helped spur movement across the nation, driving ordinary people to activism. And it has been a tremendous resource for helping us resist the Trump Agenda on a national level, but for those of us with Democratic Members of Congress, it often feels like we can do more. Well, thanks to Lt. Governor David Zuckerman, Vermonters now have a guide to action on a more local level. Continue reading “Lt. Gov. Zuckerman’s Guide to Political Activism”