Test Your Phil Scott IQ

1. Which of the follow statements about Phil Scott and the Environment is true?
Phil Scott is a champion of climate justice.
Absolutely false.
Phil Scott was the keynote speaker at the April 2017 Climate Rally in Montpelier.
No, he was at the race track.
Phil Scott took action to protect Vermonters from environmental polluters.
Nope. He vetoed bill S. 197, protecting polluters from lawsuits when their pollution causes physical harm.
Phil Scott thinks climate change will be good for the economy.
2. How many bills did Phil Scott veto in the 2018 legislative session?
Yes, he vetoed a whopping 13 bills — overriding the will of the Vermonters and the hard work of our elected representatives. https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/news/politics/government/2018/05/16/governor-phil-scotts-year-veto-threat-vermont-legislature/611355002/
3. Which of the following were included in Phil Scott’s Vetoes?
Increasing the Vermont minimum wage to a livable wage. (S.40)
Yes, but there’s more.
Paid family medical leave. (H. 196)
Yes, but there’s more.
Protecting children for toxin exposure (S.103)
Yes, but there’s more.
Fair consumer contracts (S.105)
Yes, but there’s more.
Systemic racism bill (S. 281)
Yes, replaced it with an executive order that gave him control AND there’s more . https://vtdigger.org/2018/05/31/scott-vetoes-systemic-racism-bill-replaces-executive-order/)
All of these.
4. Phil Scott’s education plan resembles the education plan proposed by which of the following?
The National Education Association
The National Policy Board for Education Administration
National Governors Association Education Division
The Koch Brothers
https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/news/2018/06/01/analysis-vermont-governor-phil-scott-moves-starve-education-beast/659763002/ “The script goes something like this: Focus on lower taxes, and when revenues fall short, talk about living within our means and call for cuts in services, benefits and payrolls.”
5. When appointing a new Vermont Education Secretary, Phil Scott suggested that the Secretary needs what type of education experience.
Teaching experience.
Education administration experience.
Good guess. Wrong.
Education research experience.
Try again.
Education budget experience.
No education experience.
Yes, that’s right. Phil Scott doesn’t believe that the person overseeing Vermont schools needs to be knowledgeable about education. https://vtdigger.org/2018/04/02/help-wanted-secretary-of-education-no-experience-in-education-needed/
6. True or false: Phil Scott believes in the science of climate change.
7. True or false: Phil Scotts’ Vermont Climate Action Coalition is on track to make Vermont a national climate action leader.
Sadly, not true.
While Phil Scott’s “Climate Action Coalition” sounds good, it is accomplishing NOTHING, and maybe that was the point. https://www.vpirg.org/news/climate-action-commission-misses-the-mark/
8. When the Joint Fiscal Office found a multimillion dollar accounting error in Phil Scott’s education budget, which action did his administration take?
Phil Scott apologized for the error.
The Phil Scott administration revised the budget.
The Phil Scott administration said that the Joint Fiscal Office was wrong and accused them of partisanship.
9. The Vermont State Ethics Commission recently cited Phil Scott for having business interests with a company that maintains state contracts. How did Phil Scott reply?
Phil Scott apologized for the conflict of interest.
Phil Scott promptly took action to remediate the conflict of interest.
Phil Scott accused the commission of being politically motivated.
10. Which of the following statements about Phil Scott and Criminal Justice Reform is true?
Phil Scott is an advocate of criminal justice reform.
False – there are no known statements from Scott regarding criminal justice reform.
Phil Scott refuses to meet with lobbyists from the private prison industry.
False – he met with Core Civic officials privately BEFORE announcing a proposal to build a Core Civic private prison in Vermont vermonthttps://www.sevendaysvt.com/OffMessage/archives/2018/01/26/scott-met-with-private-prison-lobbyists-prior-to-pitching-plan
Phil Scott is sentencing Vermonters to private prisons in Mississippi.
True! Scott will begin sending Vermonters away to for-profit prisons in Mississippi.
11. Which of the following statements about Phil Scott’s re-election campaign contributions is true?
Phil Scott has received most of his campaign funds from small scale contributions.
False – most of his campaign financing comes from superPACs.
Phil Scott has declined to take money from fossil fuel industry.
Koch-brother money is funding Phil Scott’s re-election campaign.
True -https://vtdigger.org/2018/08/03/koch-backed-pac-starts-spending-scotts-campaign/
13. Which of the following people have endorsed Phil Scott for Vermont Governor?
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Elizabeth Warren
Cory Booker
None of these.
All of these (and many, many more) have endorsed Christine Hallquist for Vermont Governor.
14. Which of the following organizations have endorsed Phil Scott for Vermont Governor:
Vermont National Education Association
Rights and Democracy
Vermont State Employee’s Association
Human Rights Campaign
Indivisible 435
Working Families Party
Sierra Club Vermont
350 Action Fund
None of these
Correct! All of these organizations, and many more, have endorse Christine Hallquist for Vermont Governor. (Visit www.christineforvermont.com/supporters for a full list.)
15. What are your Phil Scott options?
Register to vote if you haven’t already.
Vote at your town clerk’s office during business hours, now until Nov 6 or vote at your polling location on Nov 6.
Cast your ballot for Christine Hallquist for Vermont Governor.
Pave the way for veto-proof supermajorities at the statehouse by voting for democratic representatives and senators.
Vet your independent candidates carefully. Many Vermont Independents caucus with the GOP and those running may be Republicans in Bernie’s clothing.
All of these!
Yes! Please be proactive. Talk with your friends and neighbors. Share the link to this quiz on social media. And most importantly, VOTE!