Action: Fight for Vermont’s Healthcare

Please see this ACTION related to a recent budget proposal from Gov. Phil Scott:
Despite promising in his Governing Platform, that he “will protect Vermont’s most vulnerable citizens,” Gov. Scott recently proposed to cut a benefit called “the Vermont Cost Sharing Reduction.” This program subsidizes Vermonters with incomes of 200-400% of the Federal Poverty Level, approximately $24-36,000. Under this proposal, out-of-pocket deductible payments and co-pays can double, triple, or quadruple. 
If you only have the time to make one call, please call YOUR local representative and urge them to strongly condemn this mean-spirited attack on our neighbors and friends. 
And if you can spare another 5 minutes, please call Gov. Scott’s officeLet them know how opposed you are to this proposal.

For your legislator

Call 1-800-322-5616Click this link to find your legislator.

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Phil Scott Wants to Cut School Budgets, Lay Off Thousands of Vermonters

Governor Phil Scott gave his budget address and we were listening closely to his plans for our public schools.

Save Our Schools

Gov. Scott sent lawmakers a memo last week with items that included a $30 million cut from next year’s school budgets and proposed everything from a cap on per-pupil spending to school consolidation. In his budget address, Gov. Scott continued to call for reductions in school staff, saying the state should increase the staff to student ratio, from 4-to-1 to 5-to-1, over the next five years. Continue reading “Phil Scott Wants to Cut School Budgets, Lay Off Thousands of Vermonters”